You are in an Island. The age of pirates, magic and sea adventures. You left your comfortable parents house looking for adventures, treasure and freedom. But now your ship is broken, you are surrounded with aborigines that have not decided yet whether to eat you or worship you. And it is time to do something with it!

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It is all about sandbox, exploring, battles, trading.

  • You will create fly machines, ships, fortifications, etc. Materials for use are wood, metal, rocks.
  • Explore the Island and the Sea! You can discover lots of sources, surprises, quests and of course danger and magic things.
  • Battles! Be prepared to defend your Island and fight with pirates and other players! Or make a peace with pirates and convert yourself into a savage and people around will tell legends about you.
  • Trading! All your creations can be sold or exchanged with other players.

You can help us to finish the game faster!

We are a small team of enthusiasts that really love pirates theme and sandbox elements in the video games.

Soon we will launch a crowdfunding campaign that could help us to finish the game this year.

You can help us and get a special rewards!

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Windows, MacOS


English, Spanish, Russian

Many thanks to @nanajokers for the background art!